Mindful Ways to Happiness

Hi beauties! I’m so excited to be posting my first post on the blog today! I have a lot to share to inspire you about health and fitness, but I want to focus on happiness today. I believe everyone wants to be happy and can be, but being happy is also a choice. It’s so easy to forget the great things we have going for ourselves, even in times of struggle, or we simply just take everything for granted. So, how does one achieve happiness? In my 20 some years, I have learned what happiness means to me, and what it takes to be happy. I believe if we are mindful of the below, happiness will just be a natural part of our lives – and when we are happy, we will make healthy choices! BOUNS!

Stay true to yourself. From the time I could remember, I have always felt like I have known who I am, and never compared myself to others. No one else had the power to change that. I had, and still have, goals, dreams, and ambitions that I want to fulfill in life and work towards them. I knew what I was passionate about and followed that. When we do what we are passionate about, we also develop our own talents and strengths, developing our self-confidence. I know when I’m confident I feel fearless and want to take on anything! If we stay true to ourselves, we live a life pursing what we want and how we want, ultimately living a journey through life filled with happiness. Your life is your journey. Others may not get it, but that’s okay, it’s not their life to live.

Drop negativity. This is my favorite. Unfortunately, we live in a world with a lot of negative people and thoughts. Drop them, and drop them fast! It doesn’t do you any good to let the thoughts of others, or even your own personal thoughts have such an impact on you. The next time you beat yourself up over something, or find yourself around someone negative, find at least on positive thought about the situation. “I am trying my best,” “I am working hard,” or “Maybe there is a way I can help this person.” Overtime, we start training ourselves to always look for positivity in situations, and spend less time focusing on the negative. For negative people, remove them from your life. This can be harder than said, depending on the person or situation at hand. I have had my share of negative friends, and the best choice I made for myself was to drop them, and surround myself with those who are positive and supportive of me.

Be happy for others. When good things happen to others, celebrate and be happy for them! Whatever it may be, chances are they have worked hard to accomplish it or it has brought joy to their life. Seeing the joy in others and being able to experience that with them brings a sense of happiness to one’s self. Why would you not want to be happy for others you truly care about? I think we’ve all been in that situation where something great happens to us, or to someone we know, and others gossip and make negative comments and remarks. I’ve seen it happen and sadly too often. Who are others to let their hurt feelings or jealousy ruin someone else’s happiness?!

Give back. How many of us really spend time giving back to the community, neighborhoods we live in, or to those who are in need? The majority of us go to bed at night with so much more than many in the world – and that’s easy to forget. Food on the table, a roof over our heads, many material items, loved ones to share life with, and even our health – our greatest blessing of all! Yet, have we given back? We can give money, donate items, or volunteer our time. Whatever it may be, when we give back we create good. Helping others and doing something good out of the kindness of your heart, is a humbling experience, and makes one appreciate what they have and what they can contribute to society. During college, I spent two years volunteering Friday afternoons at a local hospital. I met many people of all walks of life, new friends, and learned a lot about myself. To this day, it has been one of favorite and most satisfying experiences in life, and I was happy knowing I was helping those who really needed it.

Now much more can bring about happiness, but remember to enjoy and embrace the simple things in life, be mindful of the above and yes – choose happiness!

Be healthy, beautiful you!