Happily Ever After

July 15th 2016! Or better yet known as the best day ever! The day I walked down the isle to my best friend, the one who loves me for me, who I get to share life’s adventures with, and the cute tech guy behind Healthy Speaks!
Now, let’s back up to about four years ago. I was finishing collage, and had an interview lined up for what I had considered my dream entry level job with a health corporation. I was extremely proud of myself for getting this far and I just needed to land that job. Well, through the interview process, I found out the company hired another candidate who had “more experience” than myself – I mean come on!!! I was just finishing collage, what did they expect! I was totally devastated to the point of tears. Six years of full time collage courses, two bachelor degrees and it all seemed to mean nothing after an interview and I had no idea where to go from here.
I spent the next couple of months job hunting and researching, only to end up landing a job with my mother – thanks mom! And this is where Christopher and I met. He was the cute guy in the IT department who came over and gave me the run down of my computer. It was not long, a week – yes a week, when Christopher asked me to lunch.
Now, after lunch I was very puzzled. This nice co-worker just took me to lunch, yet there was defiantly a spark and I knew this guy was a keeper! To top off that confusion, he asked for my number when we got back to the office. Tall and handsome, smart and funny and such a sweetheart – awww!!! Fast forward through a couple years of dating, a year engagement, and here we are today – two months to be exact of married life!
Life has an interesting way of working out. I look back to when I wanted to land that dream job and I’m extremely grateful I didn’t get it. I got something much better – my dream man! The one who supports me, inspires me, drives me to work harder and chase my dreams – and yes drives me a little crazy at times – but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Christopher has helped me discover my dreams and put my talents were they should be – here with Healthy Speaks. And I’m forever grateful that!
Be courageous enough to chase your dreams.
Be brave enough to be you.
And most important, be beautiful!
Yes, be you and be beautiful 🙂