9 to 5 Office Workout

Let’s talk about working that 9 to 5! The majority of us are probably stuck behind a computer screen and sitting all day. And while that may bring in the money honey, it definitely does not do justice to our body!

Below is an equipment free workout and all you need is your desk! Because it’s equipement free you can also do this workout at home at the kitchen table or with a chair.

Now, don’t feel comfortable working out at your desk? Stuck in meetings all day? Simple! Reserve a conference room over your break or lunch hour and get in this workout! If you’re in back to back meetings all day, perform one exercise for at least one minute prior to the start of the meeting and continue throughout the day, moving onto the next exercise at each meeting!

Complete 3 sets of 15-20 reps and get that body moving throughout your work day!